Biographical details are available for the following names:

Adolf Rosenberger 1900 - 1945

Born 24.10.1900 in Wien
Died 31.3.1945 in Mauthausen

Adolf Rosenberger was born on 24 October 1900 as the child of a working-class Jewish family in Vienna’s Brigittenau district. He grew up in Bäuerlegasse to the north of the Augarten park ... read more

Jacob Thalmay 1907 - 1945

Born 21.1.1907 in Warszawa
Died 9.3.1945 in Melk

Jacob Thalmay was on born 21 January 1904 in Warsaw, Poland. He and his four other siblings came to Denmark in 1905 with their parents Lipa and Hannah. He married Johanne Bornstein in 1934 and they ... read more

Wilmos Wolf Weiss 1895 - 1945

Born 23.4.1895 in Rónafalu / Schboriwzi
Died 22.5.1945 in Hörsching

The town in which I was born was Nagyszőllős.[1] It was in Czechoslovakia, when I was born, and then became Hungary in 1939. I was a very happy and somewhat innocent and naïve boy. I lived in a l ... read more

Бoка Дурмишевић / Baka Durmisević

Born 1909 in Slišane
Died 28.2.1944 in Mauthausen

Baka Durmisevic had four daughters and a son when he was taken from Serbia with his younger brother Rama who was not married then. Thankfully Baka has descendants today. Baka is my great ... read more

Алексей Михайлович Абрашкин / Alexej Michajlowitsch Abraschkin

Born 1917 in Bednodemjanowsk / Spassk
Died 3.4.1942 in Mauthausen

On 25 May 1941 he was called to the military enlistment office of the city Bednodemyanovsk Penza region and became a soldier of the 55th Light Artillery Regiment 61 Infantry Division. On 18 August ... read more

Bienvenido Claramunt Izquierdo 1903 - 1943

Born 25.6.1903 in Barcelona
Died 11.11.1943 in Gusen

My grandfather was Catalan and he lived in Barcelona on Calle Parlament corner Viladomat. He was married to Maria Ruiz (my grandmother) and had a son Manel Claramunt (my father) who was barely one ... read more

Павел Александрович Пиляков / Pawel Alexandrowitsch Piljakow 1913 - 1942

Born 19.8.1913 in Pensa
Died 3.4.1942 in Mauthausen

Pawel Alexandrowitsch Piljakow was a soldier of the 61st Infantry Division, taken prisoner on 15 August 1941 at Rogachev (according to the book of memory of the Penza region – ... read more

Thorstein Palmesen 1913 - 1944

Born 12.3.1913 in Horten
Died 6.12.1944 in Gusen

He was a painter. Married in 1936 to Mildred Palmesen, née Johannessen. Two children: Bjørg Aker (1937–2018) and Thore Palmesen (1938–2006). Platoon leader in Milorg. ... read more

Jacopo Dentici 1926 - 1945

Born 11.9.1926 in Rio Grande do Sul
Died 1.3.1945 in Gusen

After Jacopo’s birth his family returned to Italy and settled in Voghera (Pavia province). Jacopo attended the Grattoni grammar school and thanks to his talent, he began to study physics at the ... read more

Józef Kubica 1888 - 1940

Born 9.12.1888 in Orlová
Died 21.9.1940 in Gusen

Józef Kubica was born on 9 December 1888 in Orlová (in Polish Orłowa) in Cieszyn Silesia, then a part of Austrian Silesia. He attended a Polish Lutheran elementary school and later a ... read more