Biographical details are available for the following names:

Wieluński Janusz 1924 - 1945

Born 2.4.1924 in Warszawa
Died 6.3.1945 in Mauthausen

Janusz Wieluński was born on 2 April 1924 in Warsaw. In 1944 he finished the State School of Civil and Water Engineering with the water engineering specialization (Staatliche Fachschule für ... read more

Perl Márton 1892 - 1944

Born 12.10.1892 in Sikátor
Died 27.12.1944 in Melk

Márton Perl was the son of Feige and Ferenz Perl. He had two brothers, Dávid Perl (24 April 1918–14 September 1944) and Oscar Perl (9 September 1926–13 January ... read more

Spier Arie 1906 - 1941

Born 28.6.1906 in Gendringen
Died 31.10.1941 in Mauthausen

The livestock dealer and butcher Samuël Spier and his wife Judith de Haas had five children. Sophia, the eldest and only daughter, was followed by David, Arie, Salomon and Jacob. In Gendringen, ... read more

Szweda Jan 1909 - 1942

Born 5.7.1909 in Grzawa
Died 25.9.1942 in Mauthausen

Jan Szweda was born in 1909 in Grzawa in the Pszczyna municipality. He came from a family of farmers. He married Jadwiga Wojciech. Their son Florian was born in 1937. In summer 1937 Jan was called ... read more

Gaignage Camille 1908 - 1945

Born 27.12.1908 in Marilles
Died 12.3.1945 in Mauthausen

My father, Camille Gaignage, was born on 27 December 1908 in 1350 Marilles (Orp-Jauche, Belgium). After finishing compulsory education at the main school in Jodoigne he worked alongside his father, ... read more

Radmanović Jovo Kosta / Jovo Kosta Radmanović

Born 1922 in Donja Gata
Died 20.12.1943 in Mauthausen

Jovo Radmanović was born in 1922 in the village of Mala Gata (Bihać). He grew up in this village, which consisted of around 30 houses. Jovo was the fifth child of Kosta Radmanović, who died in Oc ... read more

Gęsikowski Franciszek 1904 - 1941

Born 31.1.1904
Died 16.8.1941 in Hartheim

Residence: Hohensalza, Artelleriestr. 5Prisoner Number Dachau: 9471Date of Arrival Dachau: 09 May 1940Disposition: transferred 02 August 1940 MauthausenCategory: Sch.Po. (prisoner Polish) (Source: ... read more

Długi Stanisław

Born 5.10.1900 in Wielkopolski
Died 5.1945 in Ebensee

Stanisław Długi was born on 5 October 1900 in Wielkopolski. He was a member of the Polska Organizacja Wojskowa (POW – Polish Military Organisation) in Wielkopolski and took part in the Greater P ... read more

Gross Vítězslav 1909 - 1941

Born 12.10.1909 in Boskovice
Died 15.11.1941 in Mauthausen

Address: Náchod, Židovská 731 Profession: Head cantor of the Jewish community of Náchod His father was a teacher of religious studies. His mother was called Kateřina, n ... read more

Sztokman Léo 1900 - 1945

Born 14.11.1900 in Błaszki
Died 1.4.1945 in Gusen

Leo (Levi) Sztokmann, son of Bleeme and Feibush, was born on 14 November 1900, the second youngest of six siblings, in Blazski, Poland. Leo lived in Breslau, Germany, until Kristallnacht during ... read more