Biographical details are available for the following names:

Cesare Lorenzi 1903 - 1945

Born 14.12.1903 in Guardistallo
Died 22.5.1945 in Mauthausen

Cesare Lorenzi came from a humble background and was the youngest of eight children, who were brought up by their socialist and workers’ leader father according to the ideals of fairness, ... read more

Franciszek Flak 1902 - 1945

Born 27.9.1902 in Nowa Wieś
Died 25.2.1945 in Mauthausen

Franciszek Flak was a Polish State Police officer in Garwolin Poland. After German invasion of Poland Franciszek evacuated his family from Garwolin. He came back to Garwolin after fall of Poland at ... read more

Alf Skåra 1914 - 1944

Born 9.7.1914 in Egersund
Died 21.12.1944 in Gusen

Alf Skåra was born on 9 July 1914 in Egersund. He trained as a hairdresser and married Bergit F. Østrem in 1942. They moved to neighbouring Flekkefjord, where he was very involved as ... read more

Nils Hegland 1900 - 1945

Born 14.11.1900 in Evje
Died 3.3.1945 in Melk

  Nils Hegland was born on 14 November 1900 in Evje to the north of Kristiansand. His parents were Johan Hegland, a wood merchant and sawmill owner, and his wife Inger Tonette, née ... read more

Jan Stefan Oderfeld Douglas 1892 - 1944

Born 3.6.1892 in Warszawa
Died 14.9.1944 in Mauthausen

Jan Stefan Douglas-Oderfeld was a Polish lawyer living in Paris who joined the French Resistance. Because he spoke perfect German as well as French he was involved in anti-Nazi activity directed ... read more

Chiel Brühand 1897 - 1945

Born 4.6.1897 in Wieliczka
Died 24.1.1945 in Mauthausen

Chiel Bruhand was born in Wieliczka, Poland, just outside of Krakow on 4 June 1897 to Brucha. He had at least one brother, Benjamin. He lived in Krakow and was a successful engineer. He built ... read more

Fritz Hirsch 1888 - 1942

Born 11.5.1888 in Mannheim
Died 10.6.1942 in Gusen

Fritz Hirsch was an actor and director of the Fritz Operetta Theatre in Holland. Patricia Hirsch (Goldberg), great-niece read more

Teodoro Pedro Bonilla Quiles 1902 - 1941

Born 10.11.1902 in Herrera del Duque
Died 12.11.1941 in Gusen

Teodoro Pedro Bonilla Quiles defended the Spanish Republic in the Spanish Civil War. He was subject to Fascist repression at the hands of Franco’s army and fled to France, where he joined the ... read more

Józef Radzikowski 1896 - 1941

Born 24.3.1896 in Ostrołęka
Died 1.4.1941 in Gusen

Józef Radzikowski was born in Ostrołęka (then Russia, nowadays east-north Poland) in a catholic middle-class family of local businessmen. Józef’s father had a restaurant, his g ... read more

Jakob Gijs Rubens 1918 - 1941

Born 25.10.1918 in Amsterdam
Died 7.8.1941 in Mauthausen

Jakob Gijs Rubens, who was called Jaap, was the son of Marcus Rubens and Rebecca Rubens-Witstein. The Rubens family were liberal Jewish, not Orthodox, but the Jewish holidays were celebrated. Mr. and ... read more