Biographical details are available for the following names:

Luka Greget 1915 - 1944

Born 12.1.1915 in Komiža
Died 5.9.1944 in Hartheim

Luka Greget was a fisherman from Komiža on the island of Vis (Dalmatia). While serving as a soldier of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia he was taken prisoner by the Germans at the start of the Second World ... read more

Melchor Landeta Tutor 1909 - 1943

Born 6.1.1909 in Madrid
Died 15.2.1943 in Gusen

My grandmother used to say that her baby brother Angel (he was Angel Melchor, everybody called him Angel. Maybe that was too good of a name for the fascists to call him?) was the least political of ... read more

Marcell Klang 1876 - 1942

Born 31.5.1876 in Wien
Died 25.6.1942 in Mauthausen

Marcell Klang was the editor of a work that is weighty in every respect, with 1,126 pages and a second-hand price tag today of the not inconsiderable sum of 100 to 250 euros. However, the main weight ... read more

Claus Martini Lehland 1904 - 1945

Born 13.11.1904 in Grimstad
Died 2.3.1945 in Melk

Claus Martini Lehland from Grimstad in Sørlandet (Southern Norway) was born on 13 November 1904. He was the son of a ship’s captain, Kristen Lehland, and the town’s first female ... read more

Eugène Michel Pierre Lavergne 1911 - 1945

Born 6.12.1911 in Paris
Died 16.2.1945 in Mauthausen

Eugène Michel Pierre Lavergne, known to all as Pierre, was unmarried and an engineer. In the Second World War he distinguished himself during fighting on the Saarland border through his ... read more

Павел Алексеевич Бородин / Pawel Alexeewitsch Borodin 1912 - 1941

Born 12.7.1912 in Selezino
Died 31.12.1941 in Gusen

Pawel Alexeewitsch Borodin was born in the village of Serezhino, Belinsky District (formerly Chembarsky District), Penza region. He went to the front, leaving his wife Akulina and two young sons. ... read more

Леба Улянский / Elliokum (Leva) Uljansky 1896 - 1944

Born 6.12.1896 in Mogilew
Died 2.11.1944 in Melk

WHAT AN OLD PHOTO REMINDS ME OF   I catch myself thinking that for some reason I very rarely reminisce. Yes, sometimes. Is it only in connection with dates, events that excite ... read more

Адам Маринковић / Adam Marinković 1892 - 1943

Born 25.10.1892 in Dragi Deo
Died 24.12.1943 in Gusen

Adam Marinković (Serbian nationality and ortodox christian, born 25 October 1892 in Dragi Deo, Kingdom of Serbia), was imprisoned in early spring of 1943, as civil hostage (“Schutzhaft, ... read more

Alf Wager 1898 - 1944

Born 28.7.1898 in Oslo
Died 28.12.1944 in Gusen

Alf Wager was born on 28 July 1898 in Kristiania, later Oslo. He was the son of Sina and Herman Wager and had six sisters and a brother. Alf was educated at the Norwegian Technical University, where ... read more

Josep Manuel Blavi 1897 - 1941

Born 7.2.1897 in Barcelona
Died 4.11.1941 in Gusen

Born in Barcelona on 7 February 1897, he was single, working as labourer. He used to live in 1F 1 Alfonso XIII Square in Caldes de Montbui. After passing through France and having been imprisoned, he ... read more