Biographical details are available for the following names:

Stanisław Malinowski 1881 - 1942

Born 3.2.1881 in Inowrocław
Died 8.1.1942 in Gusen

Stanisław Malinowski was the son of Michał Malinowski and his wife Marianna Harenda. Grzegorz Malinowski, great-great grandson read more

Walter Meyer 1908 - 1940

Born 8.10.1908 in Berlin
Died 1.4.1940 in Mauthausen

Walter Meyer grew up in Berlin. The documents relating to his last trial in January 1938, as well as records from the Hereditary Health Court proceedings in 1939, are only able to provide basic ... read more

Antonín Prokeš 1889 - 1941

Born 12.6.1889 in Praha
Died 21.12.1941 in Mauthausen

Antonín Prokeš was an agricultural economist and sociologist of rural regions. He was born into a metalworker’s family. He had two sisters and one brother and married ... read more

Eustachiusz Mikołajewski 1913 - 1941

Born 1.9.1913 in Poznań
Died 15.3.1941 in Gusen

Eustachy Mikołajewski was a son of Józef and Franciszka Mikołajewski. He graduated from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan. Before the Second World War began, Eustachy was employed as ... read more

Henri Eischen 1885 - 1945

Born 18.5.1885 in Hemstal
Died 21.2.1945 in Mauthausen

Henri Eischen was born on 18 May 1885 in Hemstal (Luxembourg). He was a factory worker. On 25 April 1944 Henri and his wife Marie were taken into custody for assisting a deserter. First he was held ... read more

Jean Lavigne 1922 - 1943

Born 28.10.1922 in Frouard
Died 26.9.1943 in Wiener Neustadt

The account of Jean Lavigne’s final days in the Wiener Neustadt subcamp was provided by his fellow prisoner, René Mangin. Both had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong ... read more

Gerrit van der Bijl 1920 - 1941

Born 12.2.1920 in Amsterdam
Died 11.8.1941 in Hartheim

Gerrit van der Bijl, oldest son of Simon van der Bijl (Amsterdam 21 August 1897 – Sobibor 16 April 1943) and Jetje Winnik (Amsterdam 27 July 1895 – Sobibor 16 April 1943). He had a ... read more

Samuel Emil Sekuris 1906 - 1945

Born 20.11.1906 in Radvaň / Banská Bystrica
Died 10.4.1945 in Mauthausen

Samuel Emil Sekuris graduated from both secondary school and a technical college for leatherworking. During his basic military training he attended the officer candidate school of the mountain ... read more

Josef Veselý 1899 - 1942

Born 7.7.1899 in Brno
Died 16.6.1942 in Mauthausen

Josef Veselý was born on 7 July 1899 in Brno as the second of eight children. He lived all his life in Brno - Nový Lískovec. In 1917 he was drafted into the Austrian army and ... read more

Ηλίας Γεωργιόπουλος / Ilias Georgiopoulos 1906 - 1945

Born 22.10.1906 in Gargalianos
Died 9.3.1945 in St. Valentin

My grandfather was born in a small village of the Peloponnese called Voutena, just north of Gargaliani. His correct name is Ilias Georgiopoulos (Ηλίας ... read more