Biographical details are available for the following names:

Márton Perl 1919 - 1945

Born 14.4.1919
Died 31.1.1945 in Melk

Márton Perl was the son of Feige and Ferenz Perl. He had two brothers, Dávid Perl (24 April 1918–14 September 1944) and Oscar Perl (9 September 1926–13 January ... read more

Antoni Ignaczak 1906 - 1945

Born 13.6.1906 in Kalisz
Died 12.1.1945 in Melk

Antoni Ignaczak was born on 13 June 1906 in Kalisz. Husband of Katarzyna Ignaczak, father of Zofia Ignaczak. He was farmer until September 1939 when he was taken to Molschleben and forced to work as ... read more

Władysław Nagraba 1904 - 1943

Born 1.2.1904 in Kraków
Died 11.2.1943 in Gusen

Władysław Nagraba was Polish. He was employed in Kraków as an engineer. His brother Ludwik was also incarcerated by Nazi Germans and sent to Auschwitz (prisoner's number 25491), later t ... read more

Cornelis Carel Braggaar 1913 - 1944

Born 23.9.1913 in Amsterdam
Died 6.9.1944 in Mauthausen

After graduating from nautical college, Kees Braggaar joined the Nederlandsche Stoomboot Maatschappij (Dutch Steam Shipping Line) as third helmsman. He went on some voyages to India. However, when in ... read more

Franciszek Flak 1902 - 1945

Born 27.9.1902 in Nowa Wieś
Died 25.2.1945 in Mauthausen

Franciszek Flak was a Polish State Police officer in Garwolin Poland. After German invasion of Poland Franciszek evacuated his family from Garwolin. He came back to Garwolin after fall of Poland at ... read more

Jozeph Nijkerk 1916 - 1941

Born 26.2.1916 in Amsterdam
Died 27.5.1941 in Mauthausen

Jopie Nijkerk was born in Rechtboomsloot, the northwest corner of Amsterdam’s Jewish quarter. He was the youngest child and only son of Salomon Nijkerk and Rosa Wagenhuis. Salomon, who had ... read more

Filippo D'Agostino 1885 - 1944

Born 15.3.1885 in Gravina
Died 14.7.1944 in Hartheim

Filippo D’Agostino was a railway official. As an important politician of his time, he and his wife Rita Majerotti were involved in founding the Communist Party of Italy (Congress of Livorno). ... read more

Giuseppe Vidale 1901 - 1945

Born 22.12.1901 in Schio
Died 10.2.1945 in Mauthausen

The son of Giovanni Battista Vidale and Celestina Lighezzolo worked as an electrician in a senior position at the Lanificio Rossi woollen mill. He approached his work with great passion and ... read more

Деспот Опарушић / Despot Oparušić 1889 - 1943

Born 9.8.1889 in Donji Petrovci
Died 15.4.1943 in Gusen

At the time of his deportation to Mauthausen in 1943, Despot Oparušić was the president of the village of Donji Petrovci in Vojvodina, Serbia, Yugoslavia. He had been in this position for ... read more

Maurice Louis Antonin Dupic 1921 - 1945

Born 7.4.1921 in Paris
Died 12.4.1945 in Mauthausen

Maurice Louis Antonin Dupic was born on 7 April 1921 in Paris and worked in a bank. He died on 12 April 1945. His father was Antonin Benoit Dupic (1885–1960), a Frenchman from the Auvergne who ... read more