Biographical details are available for the following names:

Marija Hafner 1895 - 1942

Born 19.1.1895 in Naklo
Died 20.4.1942 in Mauthausen

On 16 April 1942 the Slovenian resistance movement shot five German collaborators, among them the German mayor of Jesenice, Karl Luckmann.  As a reprisal for this action, SS Gruppenführer ... read more

Fernando Polo Tapias 1914 - 1941

Born 11.6.1914 in Barcelona
Died 16.11.1941 in Gusen

Fernando Polo Tapias and his father Domenech were anarchists. His father died in a Barcelona prison, beaten up. However, when the war broke out in Spain in 1936, Fernando was doing his military ... read more

Alojz Ivanc 1912 - 1941

Born 21.4.1912 in Gorica
Died 23.10.1941 in Gusen

It may seem unbelievable but from the documents and testimonies it is clear that the first Slovenes in the Mauthausen and Gusen concentration camps were Spanish Republican fighters of Slovenian ... read more

Marcus Turksma 1899 - 1941

Born 15.4.1899 in Deventer
Died 31.10.1941 in Mauthausen

Marc Turksma was the eldest of seven children – five boys and two girls – of the butcher Eliazer Turksma and his wife Betje Vomberg. He grew up in Polsbroek in Deventer, where his ... read more

Antonio Bonfanti 1902 - 1945

Born 2.8.1902 in Osnago
Died 25.1.1945 in Melk

Antonia Bonfanti was a countryman and dealer in wood and coal. Accused of delivering food to groups of partisans, he was arrested by a ration card inspector. He was deported to Mauthausen ... read more

Leo Haber 1881 - 1941

Born 21.1.1881 in Leszezille
Died 14.10.1941 in Mauthausen

Josub Leib (Leo) Haber was my maternal grandfather. He was married to Alice nee Jellinek and father of Hilde Judith Haber Frankl and Edith Haber Kallir. He owned a shoe store at ... read more

Josep Miret Musté 1907 - 1944

Born 14.4.1907 in Barcelona
Died 17.11.1944 in Wien

 Josep Miret Musté was born on 14 April 1907 to a working-class family in Barcelona, which had moved from the rural district of Tarragona to the Catalan capital. He learned the art of ... read more

Alfred Fritz 1914 - 1945

Born 10.7.1914 in Wien
Died 24.3.1945 in Mauthausen

Alfred Fritz was born to Mathius and Frieda Fritz in Vienna. He studied to be an engineer. Due to being an active communist he was forced to leave Austria and went to Czechoslovakia. He made a living ... read more

Вукола Тепавчевић / Vukola Tepavčević 1899 - 1944

Born 26.2.1899 in Kalinovik
Died 13.11.1944 in Hartheim

Vukola and his wife Milja had seven children, six sons and one daughter (my mother), 14 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren. Only two of Vukola’s and ... read more

Ludwik Stępniak 1902 - 1941

Born 13.8.1902 in Wola
Died 31.7.1941 in Gusen

Ludwik Stępniak was born in 1902 in Wola Owsiana in the Kutno county in Warsaw governorate in the Russian partition of Polish lands. After the First World War, when Poland achieved independence, he ... read more