User instructions

Searching by name allows every single person who died to be commemorated as an individual. At the same time, remembrance of this individual is to be understood within the collective fate suffered by thousands. The search therefore focuses on the names of the individuals who died but links this to a visualisation of the total number of the dead.

To use the name search, enter the whole or part of the person's name into the search field on the start page.

The search results display the names of the dead. Spellings are given in accordance with the 40 languages and native countries of the dead. Clicking on a name will bring up basic information about that person (family and first name, date and place of birth, date and place of death).

Selecting the function "Location in room" will play a short video showing the location of the name in the ‘Room of Names’, which opened to the public at the Mauthausen Memorial in May 2013. Selecting the print view will produce a printable document summarising the location and key information on the selected person. This makes it easier to find the name within the 'Room of Names' at the memorial museum. If the name searched for was only reconstructed from historical documents after "Room of Names" at the Mauthausen Memorial opened, then the video will indicate a black area with no names, which is located on one of the glass panels in the "Room of Names" and symbolises the continuing incompleteness of the project.

Where available, additional texts and pictures relating to the person's biography will be shown. To date, biographies have been provided for more than 1,800 people by some 250 authors.

To search the biographies for names, terms or expressions, please use the additional search function or a full text search.

To enable us to make ongoing corrections and additions to the data and biographies, all users of the Digital Memorial Book are invited to send additional information on the person (data, biographical information, images etc.) to the editors by using the option "Send information about this person" on the detail view page. Your contribution will help to improve what is available on the site.

If you have information about a person who is not yet included in the Digital Room of Names, please send us an email and let us know about it!